Santro Vs Tiago Vs Kwid




Santro Vs Tiago Vs Kwid : Who wins the small car market?

The small car battle gets intensified with the launch of Hyundai Santro.  Before the launch of Santro, the two cars which were slugging it out in the market were –  Tata  Tiago and Renault Kwid. Let’s see, whether the Santro has the substance to put up the challenge. The major target segment for all 3 cars is the youth or first time buyers. People are spoilt by choice and all three cars are wooing the buyers.
Comparing the cars, on their exterior looks, all the 3 cars look distinctively different by following different design philosophies. While the Tiago with its honeycomb smiling front grille, well rounded headlights, elegant side profile looks much like a standard hatchback, the Kwid draws inspiration from a SUV with its muscular front grille, raised stance and side claddings. Santro is different from the rest with its’Tall boy’ design, trapezium shaped front grille, triangular headlights and looks in line with other cars from Hyundai’s stable.


Tiago has the widest cabin of them all with the(Length x WIdth) of 3746 mm x 1647 mm. In comparison, the Santro is the smallest in terms of length at 3610 mm and Kwid is the smallest in terms of width at 1579 mm. So on dimension spec, the Tiago wins the battle hands-down.

 Engine and performance

All the three cars are powered by engines of different capacities, delivering different power outputs. While the Tiago‘s 1.2 L Revotron engine delivers 84 bhp@6000 rpm, the highest of the 3 cars, both Santro’s 1.1 L engine and Kwid‘s 1 L engine deliver 69 bhp@5500 rpm. Tiago‘s engine is the most powerful and also delivers the maximum fuel efficiency with  mileage figures of 24 kmpl. While Kwid has marginally lower fuel efficiency at 23 kmpl, Santro comes last on fuel efficiency with figures of 20 kmpl.
On this parameter, again Tiago comes numero uno.


On equipments front, Santro is equipped with 7.0″ touchscreen infotainment system, so does Kwid but the same is missing in Tiago. While Kwid doesn’t have steering mounted controls, electronic ORVMs, power windows on rear seats, the same are offered in both Santro & Tiago. Here on equipment front, Santro has pipped both Kwid and Tiago on decently loading the car with convenient utilities.

 Safety features

On safety features, Tiago gets 2 airbags in front(both for driver and passenger), while both Kwid and Santro get driver side airbags. Santro though offers 2 airbags in front on its highest trim. Both Santro and Tiago get ABS as standard feature, the same is missing though in Kwid. On safety front, Tiago again comes out as winner.


Comparing the 3 cars, recommendation goes for Tata Tiago as it comes out to be winner in most of the parameters. Tiago with its overall design good performance, safety features comes out to be a winner.